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Upcoming Events

Manfeild test days are for competition motorcycles only. Gates open at 8am – entrance via Rata Street. Cost is $120 (per rider) for full day, Half day (1pm to 4pm) is $80 ...
Event Profile

Date: 08:00 am 14/12/2018
NZ Suzuki Series 2018 is New Zealand’s largest Motorcycle Series with top riders from both here and around the world! Internationals in the last 3 years included riders fr ...
Event Profile

Date: 09:00 am 15/12/2018
International cricket is the epitome of the NZ summer experience. It’s what we do. It’s the catches in the crowd, the costumes, the immaculate field and that perfect pitch ...
Event Profile

Date: 11:00 am 15/12/2018

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