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Welcome to OnlySport - Where you find your local sporting clubs/ venues/ events and more!

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Motorsport (2320)
Cycling (1356)
Rugby (984)
Running (756)
Walking (750)
Soccer (680)
Golf (535)
Cricket (462)
Skiing (372)
Netball (327)
Boating (284)
Fishing (284)
Sailing (284)
Wrestling (254)
Boxing (254)
Tennis (212)
Squash (212)
Athletics (197)
Rowing (161)
Surfing (122)
Hockey (112)
Bowls (100)
Archery (18)

Upcoming Events

The event: Designed for beginners, couch potatoes, women with little time to 'spend' on themselves, workmates and families and even the serious weekend athlete! All females ke ...
Event Profile

Date: 07:15 am 25/03/2018
New Plymouth ITU Triathlon World Cup, New Zealand's only World Cup Triathlon event, is based at Ngamotu Beach with the stunning backdrop of Mt Taranaki and Paritutu Rock. Com ...
Event Profile

Date: 08:00 am 25/03/2018
This iconic annual event is part of the world’s largest U16 triathlon series and has inspired Kiwi children for more than two decades to get moving in a friendly and support ...
Event Profile

Date: 08:30 am 25/03/2018

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Jean Batten went to London to train as a concert pianist but sold her piano to buy her first aeroplane

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