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Aug. '0818
My Photos becomes My Media
Over the weekend my crew and I have just upgraded the profile creation and editing wizard to allow you guys to upload your word documents and even pdfs.

Supported file types: (.doc, .docx, .p... Expand »
Aug. '0812
New Contact Us System!
Ladies and Gents,
we the geeks behind OnlySport are proud to announce that as of Tuesday the 12th of August 2008 you are now able to contact profile owners through OnlySport.

Here's ... Expand »
Jul. '0824
We promise and then we deliver!
Ladies and Gents, at the beginning of this month our new look went live!! We have taken on board your opinions and requests and we have done our best to implement each and every one of them. O... Expand »
Dec. '0705
Watch this space!
We have taken your guys comments and requests and are currently putting the final touches on a brand spanking new website design. So as the title says "Watch this space!".. Along side the launch of... Expand »
Oct. '0724
Another milestone met
Recently a massive milestone was met, you guys have uploaded over 400 profiles that are live 24/7. While there is still such a long way to go, it is great to see you guys getting behind OnlySport and ... Expand »
Jul. '0709
300 Profiles!
OnlySport welcomes its largest sports group to date, New Zealand Golf, making up a massive 175 profiles on our list! For those of you that have been keeping watch over the last few months, you woul... Expand »
Jun. '0718
200 Profiles Achieved!
For those of you that have been keeping watch over the last 2 months, you would have seen OnlySport.co.nz grow in leaps and bounds! This update is no exception. As the title suggests, we now hav... Expand »
May. '0714
100 Profiles Achieved
Early this morning, Jono managed to load on the 100th sporting profile! Completing our third milestone in one month. This growth is very fast compared to our first 50 profiles! Next step, 150 profi... Expand »
Apr. '0716
OnlySport reaches its first milestone!
At 8.00am this morning, Jono loaded on the 50th and even the 51st sporting profile! Hopefully seeing the numbers grow will help entice many more people to respond and start using the site for their... Expand »
Apr. '0711
OnlySport suffers from connection issues
The rack that our server is on suffered from a technical glitch today, and the people at our hosting company were quick to get it fixed! Meaning downtime was a mere 30 minutes this time. We apologi... Expand »
Apr. '0711
Round the Bays '07
Beautiful weather, an amazing atmosphere, an all over great day. After a fair bit of soul searching (his words) Mike took part in this years Round the Bays 8.4km fun run. Mikes' time was a sluggish 50... Expand »
Apr. '0711
OnlySport is growing
A full and hearty welcome to Jono. A talented football player, a keen runner, and now our newest OnlySport team member. Jono has already been working hard trying to get in contact with as many peop... Expand »
Mar. '0704
OnlySport back up and running!
Some of you may have noticed we were down last week. OnlySport.co.nz is now back online, and hopefully on a more stable connection after having its connection pulled the other day. Our old inter... Expand »
Nov. '0630
Add Your Event!
OnlySport now has support for events to be placed on the site, telling everyone that your game, race, or whatever it may be is happening on that day! If you need help, please use the Contact Us lin... Expand »
Nov. '0630
OnlySport needs your help
OnlySport is in much need of advertising, in any way possible! We need the public to know about us and what we are trying to do! At this early stage the most important is the clubs and teams, if yo... Expand »
Nov. '0630
OnlySport is alive!
It has been a long time coming, but OnlySport is now getting the attention it deserves. Development on OnlySport was put on hold in early April this year due to another project taking up all of ou... Expand »
Jun. '0619
Add your own news items!
You can now create your own news items for your fans to read! Tell them about recent victories, up and coming competitions, game cancellations or anything else you feel like saying! These news item... Expand »
Jun. '0619
Media Gallery is up!
Add photos of your team, team logos, photos of recent competitions, whatever you want! Just make sure you have permission from the people that are in the photo. For people that dont have their own... Expand »
Jun. '0619
Registration is ready
Register yourself and you will be kept up to date with how the site is progressing and whos coming online! Tell your mates about it too! Cause the more people we have, the more fun it will be! Crea... Expand »
Apr. '0611
OnlySport is now ready!
After many days of hard work, OnlySport is now actually coming through the dark cloud of development. The idea started over a year ago as a small project idea to help budding sportspeople find out... Expand »

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