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About OnlySport

onlysport.co.nz is a free promotional platform for anyone and everyone involved in sport! Your profile on OnlySport will be displayed nationwide 24/7 giving your team/ club/ venue/ event massive exposure to the folks that matter (sports fans!).

On onlysport.co.nz you can find your local rugby clubs, soccer clubs, hockey teams, sports venues that have indoor running tracks, sports players, sponsors for your children's cricket team and a whole lot more!

OnlySport is 100% kiwi owned and operated; and we wish to bring that mark of pride to the sporting community of New Zealand. So please help us grow; tell your friends, family and team mates to get on and setup their profiles!

Our Story

"I want to go watch a game of footy" said Drew Anderson (co-creator of OnlySport).

Drew with his new found desire to watch a game of footy, then started searching the net for information (surely he will find what he was looking for - yeah right). Drew searched the net from top to bottom with no luck at all - finally, out of desperation Drew took to the streets. A mere half a day later, he came to the startilling conclusion that tuesday was not a good day to find a footy match in New Zealand.

Shortly after he came to this stunning conclusion a new realisation started to form in his mind. Well, if i had this much trouble finding a local footy game I bet other people are too. This realisation ultimately lead to the insparation that is OnlySport.

Being a university student at the time Drew shared his idea with his class mate Michael Kerr (co-creator of OnlySport) who's only comment at the time was "Drew, get back to work!". Determind not to give up Drew kept the idea alive with continuous design tinkering, and endless pestering "Mike, lets get working on OnlySport".

Finally in late 2006 (a complete six months later), Mike and Drew with beer in hand and soccer ball at foot said "yer, we should create OnlySport.."

Our Timeline

2005 - Nov: Domain purchased, Company Formed
2005 - Dec: Development of OnlySport Began
2006 - Aug: OnlySport.co.nz went Live

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"Black Magic" won 5-0 for New Zealand in the 1995 Americas Cup race

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