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Waikato Kendo Club Club Profile

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Benefits of Kendo Training
* Great confidence
* Correct breathing technique
* Self discipline
* Flexibility and muscle tone
* The development of a strong but peaceful character
* Improve fitness and health
* An awareness of an ancient culture
* Quick reflexes
* Greatly improved mental and physical well being
* An insight into Zen
* Courtesy
* Ability to mediate
* Opportunity to participate in local and international competitions
* Friendships across the world

The training is open to any one who is interested about us. You are welcome to visit us at any one of our training sesstions.

Training Times:
Tuesday 6-9pm
Saturday 3-6pm

- Regardless of gender, ages between 8 and 80 are all welcome!
- Beginners are welcome within 2 weeks after the starting dates.
- Just wear normal sporting clothes.
- No previous experience is required.
- Clubs will provide all the equipments.
- It takes a little bit longer time to learn fighting with swords, so be PATIENT! It normally takes us about 4~6 months to help you learn all the basics (kihon) and enjoy the real (bamboo) sword fighting

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Our Website:
Waikato Kendo Club


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