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The Hutt Kendo Club was opened on the 2nd of May, 2001. Since then it has consolidated and now has from 20 - 30 members depending on what time of year you visit. We have been a member of the NZ Kendo Federation since 2001 and in 2003 Sue Lytollis, one of our instructors, was elected secretary of the NZKF.

We like to do demonstrations in the Hutt region to share our learning and spread understanding of Japanese culture and always welcome new beginners from 7 years old and upwards.

Hutt has been forming an important relationship with its Sister City Minoh (near Osaka). The Mayor of Minoh, Mr. Kajita, and his officials have been trying to find bogu for the club and in July, 2001, a group of Minoh school students presented the Hutt with several adult-size bogu and several for children.

Hutt has featured teams in the annual Rembuden Taikai since 2001. This is a great opportunity for our members to gain experience in the competitive aspect of kendo.

But Hutt Kendo Club is not only about shiai (competition), we are proud of our contribution to sharing the Japanese culture via our Kendo and participated at the Hutt/Minoh Friendship house celebrations in May 2002, February 2005 and also the annual Race Unity days in Hutt city. We were also involved in the Yokoso! festival in Petone in 2004, a festival celebrating and showing Japanese culture in Lower Hutt. We also gave a demonstration at Te Papa for the opening of The Splendours of Japan exhibition in March 2006.

Our members grade when there is an opportunity and are attend annual kendo camps to try for their next grades (look for news updates). We enjoy the friendship gained through our club and becoming better people via the 'way of the sword.'

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