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We are a club set up on Campus at Auckland University that was created with the aim of further promoting the sport of Ice Hockey in New Zealand and the greater Auckland area. The club is run by students and from the club a team is chosen every year to represent the University of Auckland at the University Winter Games. Players in this team must be current students at the University and not any other Auckland tertiary institution. We also encourage beginners to learn the sport and give them the opportunity to develop in a fun and social environment. The club puts on various social activities such as Pub Crawls, Barbeques, Parties etc. Eventually we hope to gain more popularity for the sport by having a regional Auckland Institutions tournament where we would play teams such as A.U.T, Massey University, M.I.T and Unitec. We are always looking for new members, if you would like to contact us please email us.

NOTE: International Students; if you are coming to NZ and planning to play hockey PLEASE bring your gear with you, gear is VERY expensive here and the club can not supply with you an extra set.

History of the Club:
The club was started in early 2003 by Jonathan Albright and started off small, once a week trainings with a volunteer-backpacker-Canadian coach named Dan Morrison (or affectionately known as 'Coach Dan') and a rag tag bunch of average players plus some internationals of higher skill.

Since then it has developed into a fully functional club and 2005 marks the expansion of two teams being entered into the new SNCA and SNCB leagues. The Varsity Blues first outing in the SNC saw them unofficially finish 3rd overall.

The club has also taken part in two South Island tours and one Battle Of The Bombays Inline Tournament. The South Island tours consisted of travelling the South Island in rentals and playing various teams in Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown/Wanaka, Alexandra and Gore. These tours were an overall success and will continue.

2005 will bring a host of new opportunities for the club with not only the two teams being entered into the SNCA and B, but with AUT hosting the Summer Games the Varsity Blues will enter a team into the Inline portion of the tournment of NZ Tertiary Institutions.

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Auckland University Ice Hockey Club


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New Zealand won 5-0 in the 2000 Americas Cup race

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